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Paradise Technologies is an Energy Management company and offers Energy Saving and Environment Friendly Products and Solutions to their clients to reduce the cost of energy and green house effect on the environment. Our clients are reaping the benefit of our state of the art technologies, in the areas of Lighting without any investment from their part. 

Supermarket chains of the Carpenters Group and the New world Group, Commercial offices of the ANZ and Fiji Development bank, Hotels and Resorts of Sheraton Group, Tokoriki Island Resort, Installations and Properties of Total and Mobil, Clothing Factory producing ‘Kookai’ brand and Several Government Departments and Private Organizations are the beneficiaries of the projects we have completed.

Ever rising costs of energy is of a great concern to all and especially for the pacific island countries. More that 20 % of power is consumed by Lighting. With our state of art technologies and products, we are able to save substantial amount of Energy Consumption.

Our Energy saving Lights give a savings of more than 50% to 75%, with higher luminosity and a life of more than 10 years. Our Patented technology for the Tube Lights are a Plug and Play Tube Lights which can replace the existing T 8 Tube Lights without changing any Fixtures.

Our Win Win package where Clients do not invest any Capital and save substantial amounts has become the need of the hour.

WIN WIN Package Solutions

Earn Money with $ O Investment

Free energy & carbon saving analysis provided by our certified professional

Energy Saving Lighting “Tube” will be provided FREE OF CHARGE on a Save and Share Basis

Hassle free lighting solution during contract period with spare tubes for immediate replacement

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